About anthropolodgy

Anthropolodgy is meant to be an improvement of a previous project, ”Yurtstay”, which I started to market homestays in Inner Mongolia, China. ”Yurtstay”, as you can guess, is preoccupied with yurts. The meaning behind ”Anthropolodgy” is somewhat harder to guess: it’s a mix of the two words ”Anthropology” and ”lodge”. Basically the idea is to provide you and other travellers with a platform and a chance to experience unique and interesting cultures from within, staying with host families and in locations that I have handpicked myself on my travels.

The idea is not to transform these places into crowded guesthouses, but to provide travellers with a unique set of homestays and cultural experiences and give locals a decent side income. Myself, I want only something fun and interesting to spend a bit of my time on.

Perhaps later I will be able to earn some money from it too, but if I do it will not be through commissions for sending tourists or from clogging the site with adds, but through more funny things, such as affiliate linking. For example, if you book accommodation using this link  both of us will get a 15 euro bonus from booking.com. So you can rest assured that 100% of the money you spend stays with the locals. If there is anything that I would want from you directly it’s to hear about your thoughts about this project and to see your photos and videos. For example there was a Norwegian couple staying in the second more recent homestay and they made a short film out of it.

It’s great for us to see what people think and it’s a great way for others too to get an idea about if they would like it or not. So if you post some photos, make a blogpost or write a review about the trip later, it would be great if you could share it with us through the contact form!

I guess that’s all for now. If there are any questions just send me a message.


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