Nannuoshan Tea Plantation Homestay, Xishuangbanna

Nannuoshan is a small mountain to the west of Jinghong, capital of Xishunagbanna in Yunnan. Xishuangbanna is an autonomous region in the far south of the province, bordering Myanmar and Laos. It has historically had more ties to southeast Asia than to China. Many even argue that the region belongs to Southeast Asia. And actually it makes sense. Separated by natural borders from the remainder of China, the Chinese influence gor firmly established here only very recently, when during the second world war the Chinese government moved to Kunming, out of the Japanese forces’ reach. And even though things change quickly in China, the areas that have changed the most here are a few select cities – most of all Jinghong – which have attracted most of the migrants and investments. Rural Xishuangbanna is still very different to most other parts of the country. Most obviously because of it’s great ethnical diversity. According to a 2000 census, there were less than 30% Han Chinese and more than 70% belonging to one of a long list of different ethnic groups.

The Hani is one of the largest of these groups. Historically they have inhabited the mountains of Yunnan and Southeast Asia. The homestay in Nannuoshan is located on the Nannuo mountain at an elevation of perhaps 1000 meters. It’s said enjoy “winters without brutal cold, and summers without extreme heat” so it’s a suitable year round destination. The family is made up of six people and they live in a small picturesque Hani village with wooden houses. They have their own garden in which they grow fruits and vegetables. They also keep pigs and chickens and have a dog. The food served is locally produced. Much of it in the own farm. Besides for farming and keeping animals they do what the area is famous for and grow tea, which they then ferment to produce the famous pu’er tea. If you want to learn how to pick tea, visit a small ”tea factory”, sample different varieties or just see the beautiful plantations, this area is perfect. A german importer of quality tea has even named itself Nannuoshan in tribute to the area. And not only do they have good tea. They also have the king of tea trees – a wild growing 800 year old tree called Cha Wang Shu, which you could walk to by foot from the homestay.

jungle yunnan xishuangbanna nature trekking travel china
The king of tea trees!:)

But the homestay is not all about tea and jungle walks. Most of all it’s actually a great thing to try out if you want to experience the local culture. You can stroll around the village, visit the nearby market, talk with the locals and if you wish you can also do day tours to other parts of Xishuangbanna. The house is walking distance to a bus stop and has good connection to Jinghong and the western parts of the autonomous region. If you want to try something a bit different you could visit festivals and participate in other celebrations, such as the Ye Ku Zha or ”Swing Festival” in late June or early July. However for festivals, it’s better to ask well in advance since the celebrations only take place on certain days throughout the year. Anyhow the possibilities are many and you could do whatever you feel like out of this trip. And if it’s just to enjoy the peace, quiet and clean air the host family’s old wooden house has a big sundeck which is perfect for relaxing with a book or some nice tea and fruits!

Hani girls picking tea plantation pu'er jinhong

If you feel like trying this out, it’s just to send a message. It’s easy to reach from Jinghong (less than one hour on the bus) and since the price of 250 yuans per night also includes three home cooked meals and tea, it’s very affordable too. To make it even more affordable you can contact us for a 50 yuan discount per day. Read more about it here.

You can also rest assured that your money will end up in the place it’s intended to. While it’s often the case in Yunnan that tour operators charge high fees to take tourists to the villages, very little of the money actually stays with the locals. If you choose this homestay 100% of the money will stay with the local host family. There are no fees or anything else for them to be listed here with the other homestays. That’s also why the prices are so low. There are no middlemen asking for a slice. Of course there are no hidden charges or fees for you either. Some villages in Xishuangbanna will even charge you a fee for entering the village!

Contact through the email form on the contact-page for questions or to make a reservation.


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