Big discounts and a 10% to win a custom homestay experience

The prices for the homestays are 300 yuan per night. Included in the price is accommodation, meals and activities. And even though it’s possible to find cheaper (as well as much more expensive) options such as low budget hotels, karaoke yurts (some of them at least), hostels and so forth, the experience per yuan rate is not easy to beat! Several times have guests said that the best experience they had in China was visiting one of the homestays! But regardless of if the homestays are good and affordable or not, it doesn’t make much use if no people get to get to know about them. So far, almost all our guests have found out about us through word of mouth, blogposts or different travel websites. Some people find us through search engines, but there’s not a lot of them. Because this website is run entirely on a voluntary basis and has no advertisement budget, things are not likely to change unless we try some alternative ways of marketing.

So we have thought about a way to make it easier for people to get to know about us. Basically the idea is that you or anyone else staying at any of the homestays will get the option to pay only 250 yuan per night if you later write a short (or – if you want – long) text about your experience! There are no rules about what to write about, as long as it describes your experience! For doing this you will get a 50 yuan discount per day. For someone staying three nights, this is a very easy way to save 150 yuan.

As an additional bonus, the first 10 people to write a post sharing their experiences at any of the homestays will get a 10% chance to win a custom homestay experience. This means that we will scramble the names of the first 10 people and pick one of them, who will get to tell us what kind of homestay they would like to experience and then sit back while we go out to try to find it, somewhere in Latin America.

Important to note is that anyone who wants to do this must contact us through the email form on the contact page. Contact with the homestays (about bookings etc) are as usual done through the Wechat and Whatsapp accounts listed above the email contact form.


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