Why anthropolodgy.com is down

Because of hosting fees, domain name fees and my lack of income, the former website is closed down. For now, a wordpress domain will do! However later on the website will perhaps come back to life. But there will be some changes to how things will work. Since the start 100% of any money guests have spent have stayed with the local host families and this wont change. What will change is that from now on in order to get access to the contact details of the host families, guests must lend at least 25 USD through Kiva or 25 EUR through Trine. If this is done through the referral links listed on the website, either 25 USD or 10 EUR will be given to me from Kiva or Trine, as a thanks for referring them new customers. At the same time you as a customer will earn money on the interest on your loans or as a welcome bonus (Trine gives 10 EUR to new customers).  Previously it was optional to sign up through referral links, but since not a single person has done so it’s about time to make it mandatory. Best of all perhaps is that every person who lends 25 euro through Trine will give 2 villagers in rural Africa access to solar energy.

You can check the referral links out by clicking here.


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