As the name, a mix of anthropology and lodging,  suggests the main purpose of this project is to provide unique homestay and cultural experiences to travelers and an alternative source of income to the locals, all of whom are ethnic minority groups in developing countries.

Currently it is possible to stay with Tibetans or Mongols in remote parts of China or with Dayaks in Sarawak state on Malaysian Borneo, but with time we hope to add more homestays to the list.

One of the things that makes this project extra interesting is that it is not a typical tourist experience. Rather than getting a guided tour, you will be able experience real everyday life as lived in a completely different culture. The persons you will meet are not guides or staff – most of them will have met only a few foreigners before.

That is something that has both it’s good and bad sides. The bad side is that knowledge of English often is very low. So before you decide to book your trip and go somewhere, check the language ratings of that specific homestay – it’s all provided on this site to prevent misunderstandings.

As for the good sides, it is that by staying with us, you will experience genuine cultures and peoples and get hosted in some of the most stunning natural surroundings around. And as we are not a mass tourism agency, we will be able to spend more time and energy on each guest. For example, if you would like to attend to a traditional festival, you could write us in advance and ask if there are any coming up. Last but not least, you could be just as interesting to your hosts as they are to you – a whole lot more fun than being just another tourist!