A lot of people contacting me seems to believe that I am a mongol and that I work at a homestay! So I decided to provide some more info about this website and what it’s about. The website is not the home of any specific homestay but a small platform for various homestays in various places around the world. It’s run on a hobby-basis by one person, which does not have anything to do with any of the places listed, except for having visited and liked them. The reason I started this was that after many disappointments in Inner Mongolia, finally I found an amazing place there. I stayed in touch with the family and later me and Garmaa at the Xilinhot homestay decided to try to get others to visit too. Garmaa would host them in Inner Mongolia and I – as I am from Sweden and do not live anywhere close to Inner Mongolia – would try to make sure that at least some people would find out about it. First we only had an email and a wechat account and then a while later a wordpress blog. Now finally since a few months we have a website. When changing from the wordpress blog to this new domain, the name of the project changed too – from ”Yurtstay” to ”Anthropolodgy”. Some people believe that the name ”Anthropolodgy” is spelled wrong and that it was meant to be ”anthropology”. But since the start the reason behind this little project has become broader and now I want to continue finding new places that could be listed as homestays. One of the reasons is that I want travellers to be able to experience unique cultures from around the world. Something very different from the typical mass tourist experiences on offer. It can be very useful for people to see what life is like in a culture very different from their own. And so the name ”Anthropolodgy” is a mix of the word ”anthropology”: the study of human culture – and ”lodge”: to stay somewhere.

As for now until December, there will probably not be any new homestays added. In January however things will start to move again, as I will leave my native Sweden for Latin America. There, among many other things, I will make sure to find lots of interesting places to add to this platform. With a few exceptions, there aren’t any rules about what kind of places that can or can not be part of this. Jungle, mountain, megacity. Anything is welcome and there will probably be some surprising places added to the list. The only real rules are that the places should not be too dangerous, not too obvious and not previously part of the tourist industry – the goal is to provide as authentic as possible glances into everyday life in different cultures and environments. There are so many hotels already.

One of the things that makes this project a bit extra interesting is that 100% of the money you pay stay with the host family. There are no fees, commisions or other costs of any kind for the referrals of customers. 100% of the money stays with the local host families and they can do what they with it. For an example www.ruralpovertyportal.org claims that 50% of rural peruvians are poor, the numbers for rural women being 80%! Because of this a very large chunk of the men are leaving rural areas to try to find work in the cities. Hopefully, if a family could have a few guests per month it would allow the husbands and fathers to stay at home and continue doing whatever they want to do but which is not profitable enough for them to sustain their families with. And at the same time have some overseas guests!

If you want occasional non-spammy news about the progress you could follow via Facebok, wordpress or email! And for any questions, ideas or comments, it’s just to send me an email through the contact form.