Because of the idea behind this small experiment, with host families keeping 100% of any money you pay, Anthropolodgy has so far not led to any income, but some small expenses. Hosting fees are covered by me personally. The idea behind it all is to help travellers find unique places to visit and local families a way to attract guests.

If you want to help out giving small homestays a way to find guests and at the same time earn some easy money, consider checking out some of the links below. By using any of these links, both of us will receive a small bonus – you will receive one in order to encourage you to become a member, I will receive one as a thanks for sending these businesses new customers.

If you lend a minimum of 25 USD through Kiva with this link, I will receive a 25 dollar credit to loan to any of the projects listed on the site. Kiva aims to empower people by giving them access to micro credits, often so that they can open their own small businesses. You will receive the money back with interest, with time and interest rating different from loan to loan.

This link will give the both of us a 10 euro credit on an investment in solar energy in subsaharan Africa. Trine has as a goal to help end energy poverty, giving people access to cheap, clean and healthy energy sources, as opposed to the expensive, polluting and unhealthy kerosene most families have to use. On average, about an investment of about 17 dollars is enough to give one person access to energy. Besides the initial 10 euro bonus, you will also earn money from the interest paid on the loans.

By signing up for AirBnB with this link, you will get a 40 dollar credit on your first stay, while giving me a 20 dollar credit for inviting a new user.